Paula Shafe Owner / Operator


As a mother, wife, teacher and trainer; I have learned that organization is the key to the successful completion of most any task. Having a plan and prioritizing the steps essential in completion of that plan is the best organizational tool we can use. My first task is to design a plan and a timeline in which to finish that plan.


A very effective method to use in problem solving is called brainstorming. I have taught brainstorming sessions to corporate clients and also faculty groups. Brainstorming allows us to be creative with a “no holds barred” approach. Often in brainstorming sessions, we are our most creative selves. It is an approach I frequently use to “unleash” my most creative ideas. Creativity is essential in problem solving situations.

At times it is difficult to focus when we are overwhelmed with tasks and running short on time. I have always believed it is best to work one step at a time. By working step by step, we can work through a plan feeling the accomplishment of each step as we go. The ability to focus on any task is always made easier by having a plan and knowing where we are going next.


Change is unavoidable in our daily lives. Some changes take place in an instant and others over a long period of time, but it is inevitable that we all face change in our lives. Dealing with change requires flexibility and a mindset that allows necessary and unavoidable change to come peacefully into our lives. It is much easier to be flexible than resistant.


My education consists of a Bachelor’s Degree in English, a Master’s Degree in Adult and Continuing Education with a minor in Counseling and a number of additional graduate credits in TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages). I recently added three courses (nine credit hours) from a Paralegal Degree Program.

I have presented at and attended various state and national conferences throughout my teaching career. My most recent teaching has been in the field of Corporate Training where I have designed and delivered courses in all of the soft skills like Customer Service, Conflict Resolution, Team Building, Supervisory Skills, Dealing With Change and many others.